Sunday, 24 November 2013

New Nanny once more

I am often asked why my blog address is new nanny when I mostly use it to post my projects for Ladies That Craft club  so here is why this blog originally came about.

A few years ago when my first Granddaughter was born I decided it was time to start a personal blog so that I had some sort of record of my growing family. As time has moved on I have been blessed to have four beautiful grandchildren who I love very much.

From time to time I add new photos to remind me of how lucky I am. Here is a picture of my newest Granddaughter Olivia Rose.


With three beautiful girls my little grandson doesn’t get enough of the lime light so here is a quick arty photo of my little Grandson who is growing fast and is still so cuddly.


I hope you will visit again soon. Night, Night xxx

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