Monday, 16 August 2010

We never go to spend money

but we always do. Our visit to Stamperama turned out to be another fun day. None of us went to buy anything and as usual all three of us came home with a full bag.

Best in show was LB Crafts as usual with some fantastic demos and new ways of using your metal and tools. What did I do when I got home?  Crafting………………no accounts but I do have Tuesday off so am looking forward to playing most of the day.

Now where did I put my………………………stamps:)

Oh and this picture, taken by a kind lady at our table, of us eating hot pork rolls. They made me eat it honest.

017 Thanks for a lovely day Sally and Gayle. Looking forward to the next one.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Our second Beach Day

I still don't know which way up to post this photo. It is one of Sally's “arty” photos. She always throws me:)

IMG_2311 And here’s my lovely husband who holds down a very demanding full time job and still finds time to come along and take part in all the silliness we arrange.

012 He even poses for pictures:)

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Our trip to Brighton

was fantastic fun. Sally has a great sense of humour and is up for anything that included leaning over the doughnut counter and taking photos of them as they were made. The lady making the doughnuts must have thought we were mad. They tasted scrummy though.

019 Brighton - 27.07.10 (35) Brighton - 27.07.10 (49) Then we spotted the vintage booth and had to have a go at dressing up. The colour photo has been colourised by Sally using PS. We laughed so hard it hurt.

Saloon Girls 1 Saloon Girls 5b While we were waiting for the photos to be printed we had fish and chips outside on the pier but for some reason we forgot to take photos. I can’t believe we were that hungry:)

Brighton - 27.07.10 (87) Brighton - 27.07.10 (94) 042 043

Still sifting through the 400 photos we took between us. Will share some more later.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

One of my favourites

Sometimes you see something and it really makes you want to do something different. About 2 months ago Karen ordered some stamps into the shop. Unfortunately I missed out on buying the one I wanted, they went so quickly, however I did remember one of them.

After being let down on some papers for our fortnightly classes, we decided to make a selection of seaside layouts using cardstock and one piece of paper. This is where my memory came in handy. I drew a picture of a lady disappearing into the sea, enlarged it and then used the pattern for paper piecing. Here is the end result.

006 It was great fun to do and it is certainly something I will do again. I still can’t find the other two layouts I made at the same time. No doubt they will surface at some point and I will share them with you.

I love stamping

and when we decided to do a stamping class in the shop, I had a whale of a time playing with stamps and different styles and techniques. Here are a few of the pages I did. Check out the SBS Blog to see the rest.

025 I followed the instructions in Craft Stamper to get the door to open but even though I tried it several times, I couldn’t get it to work properly.


I did a bit of brayering using soft colours so that anyone trying it couldn’t make a mistake. It worked I think.

027  030 The bird on this page rotates around the brad in the middle of the clock.

032 034

Theres another stamping extravaganza coming up in September. I can’t wait:)

I’ve never had a dog

but if I was lucky enough to get one, I would choose one just like Lily.Lily - 24.07.10 (8) Lily is Karens beautiful new puppy. She has got the most silky soft ears ever and she loves being with people. Sally took the photo of me with Lily but here are a few that I took on the table in the classroom.






I’m sure I will share loads more photos of lovely Lily in the future.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Harry has grown up

and he is a lovely cat. I think he’s a bit fat but he’s young and the weight will come off as he plays in the garden.

Harry is a bit unusual. He thinks he’s a dog and loves playing catch and hide & seek. He also has a habit of blocking the front door when he sees my bags at the bottom of the stairs. Something tells me he doesn’t want me to go out.

Here is the little scamp.



The photos are coming out better since he got his summer coat, a lovely auburn colour.

Little Evie has arrived

and she is so sweet. As you would expect I have taken loads of photos and here are just a few.

IMG_1871IMG_1854 IMG_1876 This was just after she was born. I took loads more on our second visit but can’t find them at present. No doubt they’ll turn up:)