Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Our trip to Brighton

was fantastic fun. Sally has a great sense of humour and is up for anything that included leaning over the doughnut counter and taking photos of them as they were made. The lady making the doughnuts must have thought we were mad. They tasted scrummy though.

019 Brighton - 27.07.10 (35) Brighton - 27.07.10 (49) Then we spotted the vintage booth and had to have a go at dressing up. The colour photo has been colourised by Sally using PS. We laughed so hard it hurt.

Saloon Girls 1 Saloon Girls 5b While we were waiting for the photos to be printed we had fish and chips outside on the pier but for some reason we forgot to take photos. I can’t believe we were that hungry:)

Brighton - 27.07.10 (87) Brighton - 27.07.10 (94) 042 043

Still sifting through the 400 photos we took between us. Will share some more later.


Jeannie said...

Love the vintage photos we did some many years ago as a family - it was such great fun - looks like you enjoyed the experience too!

Julie said...

What a fun time you had,I love those seaside doughnuts,I can almost taste them,shame I looked this late in the day,I fancy some right now!!!!! wonder where I could find some??? x

gayle said...

Love the dressing up photos Julie. It looks like you had alot of fun. The doughnuts look yummy!!!x