Monday, 4 March 2019

Picture for Samantha K Design Team

Made for Samantha K's Design Team in 2018.
If you haven't used Samantha K's MDF yet then you are really missing out. These amazingly intricate Mandalas are a joy to use and take colour beautifully.

And if you want to have a go at making this picture you can find the step by step instructions  HERE. Links to products are HERE

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Poundland Upcycle project 2

Those of you that know me know I love a bargain and Poundland is a favourite haunt of mine when I need inspiration. I came across this Kindle Cover over a year ago and used it in my Art Journal Class (Pictures to follow) so this time I thought I would use die cuts instead of stencils to alter it.

Here is the finished cover
and if you want to have a go yourself here is the link to the VIDEO I made today.

If you enjoy it please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Have a great weekend xx

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Powertex Class

Late last year I was lucky enough to take a Powertex class with Tracey Evans. It was fantastic to be a student for a day and boy did I learn a lot. Here is the Unicorn that I made. It is sitting on my sideboard at home and is about as tall as an A4 picture frame.
I still can't believe I made it and I am forever grateful to Tracey for her time, patience, creativity and for sharing her vast knowledge.
I loved stamping into the clay and the process of painting and highlighting the mane.
I made a flower saddle to finish it off.
Can't bare to put him into the garden so he will stay in the house taking pride of place. Thank you Tracey for an amazing day. Off to finish my second piece so watch this space. xx

Friday, 25 January 2019

Love what makes you happy ....

A simple Art Journal was the perfect book to show off the beautiful Aladine IZink 3D Texture Paste.
A simple stencil provided both the main image and the wording and you can see how I made it HERE. Thanks for stopping by xx

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

3D Photo Frame

I have so many DT things to share that I don't know where to start. This one is one of my favourites made for SamanthaK's Design Team not only because it took me ages to make but I really liked the way the paper figures fitted into it.
This is one of the shelf unit supplies by SamanthaK. They are sturdy and go together really quickly and are ideal for little bottles or indeed as a frame.
I use a lot of Tim Holt's diecut figures in my art journal but I have started printing my own family photos onto 200gsm card and cutting them out for a more personal touch. 
If you make something like this it is a good idea to have a selection of characters sitting, standing, crawling, jumping so that they fit into the background. More tomorrow xxx