Sunday, 26 August 2018

Secret Box

Oh this is so very clever. A lockable box for secrets and surprises. 
I have used the mdf bottles wording labels and the locking box for my project.
and added some of the Tim Holtz people inside however this could be easily used to hide a secret journal away from prying eyes lol.
I did use texture around the spine of the book just to show that it is possible and that the book still bends. All I would say is keep checking as the texture drys.
I used texture paste and a needle to scrape the edges of the book to make it look like book pages. I think decorating these book boxes is going to become a passion lol.

You can find Samantha's MDF and other items HERE and of course on the SamanthaK site. 
These boxes were a sell out on the show but they will be available again in Sams shop so I'll keep you posted. More to come xx

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

So excited

I am starting a new chapter and it is so exciting. I have been asked to join SamanthaK Design Team allowing me to get back to scrapbooking. I was sad to leave Pretty Gets Gritty as they are a great bunch of talented ladies but it was time for a change. So.....

SamanthaK's show is on Hochanda TV on Saturday at 3pm. There are loads of new goodies which I know will just fly off the shelves. I am going to share each of my projects in the lead up to the launch.

My first project is a herb box
Made from the small box but using the grill piece on top to hold the tags in place.
The little herbs and wording are all MDF and available in the show.
and I used large beads as feet for the box painted to match the colours used for the herbs.
I really enjoyed making this and it looks so pretty. I am going to have to make another one for myself. 

You can find Samantha's MDF and other items HERE and of course on the SamanthaK site. (To find the products on the show on Saturday go to the schedule and look for Sat at 3pm and the new items will appear there soon) More tomorrow xx

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Through the porthole

I love paying with cardboard. It has so many uses and was ideal to show off Lynette Jasper's Sprays. Here is the first project I made for the Pretty Gets Gritty Shows on Hochanda TV Friday 27th July at 10am and 3pm.
This took quite a bit of work but I love the way it looks like the inside of a rusty shipwrecks porthole showing the blue sea and its underwater sea life outside.
The bolts around the porthole are chipboard discs and a flatback bead on top.
The rivets are also flat backed pearls
And the lovely fish, crab and Starfish are all on the show.

The process I followed was this:
I used the back of my canvas as a base. I cut pieces of old corrugated cardboard and fitted it around the canvas and the MDF wreath shape I used as my port hole.
When I was happy with the look I stuck all of the cardboard in place but not the wreath.
Once dry I peeled off some of the cardboard to show the corrugated texture.
Next I added pearl as rivets along the joins in the cardboard. Once dry I started to Build my colours by painting the whole thing (and the wreath) in black gesso.Once dry it started spraying the background with Lynette's sprays, starting with the chalk sprays and allowing it to dry between each colour.
I followed the same process with the wreath/porthole but before I sprayed I used some of the marble effect texture paste to make the rust marks around the edges. Next I sprayed to match the background.
For the sea I scrunched up some kids drawing paper and then flattened it out. I then used the new chalk sprays and powders to create the background. I allowed this to dry naturally so that I got maximum lines and puddle marks.
I placed the paper under the porthole and stuck both in place on the background making sure that i created a small dip in the sea piece for the sea creatures.
Lastly I painted and stuck the sea life in the post hole and allowed to dry thoroughly.
The canvas looks very different in different lights. You saw the finished piece at the top of the page. Here is another photo taken outside.
If you have any questions please comment below and make sure you watch Lynette Jasper. The design team have all been busy making wonderful inspiration for you.
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Thursday, 19 July 2018

It's just a bottle

As my love of mixed media has grown I have found myself squirrelling away all manner of bottles and jars. I just can't bear to throw them out and as if that wasn't enough I have actually been buying empty bottles from Poundland and adding those to me collection too.
Here is photo progress of one of these bottles and its transformation into a usable water bottle for the table.
So to start I painted the bottle with white gesso. I used Prima's Heavy Gesso as it covers really well. Next I added all manner of stones, sequins, beads, etc to the surface using 3D Matte Medium. I then left it overnight to dry thoroughly. 
Next I went over everything twice with the Heavy White Gesso and allowed to dry thoroughly. 
To finish I sprayed the bottle using three different sprays in blue, green and white. When dry I then dripped some more colour onto the top of the bottle and sprayed with water to allow it to run easily through the embellishments. 
Doing something like this is easy and cheap to do. You can use ANYTHING like small stones from the garden, buttons, shells from the beach, the possibilities are endless.x

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Beginners Kit

I often hear people say that they would like to have a go at Mixed Media but that they don't have any of the things that they need. With this in mind I have made up a beginners kit with a few bits and bobs you can use to play with. Here is the video of the contents with me yapping on in the background lol

You can find this in my Etsy Store The Kit Cafe and if you click on the tutorials tab at the top of the page you can find the recipe for the Texture Paste. Have fun xx