Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Baby's First Christmas

and we were lucky enough to be there. Lovely Evie is growing up so fast and we get to see her so rarely that every visit is a treat but it was extra special this time, to see her on her very first Christmas.
As you can imagine, I took loads of photos and here are just a few of my favourites.
achristmas 2010 003
achristmas 2010 015

achristmas 2010 081
achristmas 2010 086
Look at Evies surprise when she saw the size of her present from Nanny & Granddad.achristmas 2010 041
achristmas 2010 096
But she soon managed to tear off (and eat) the paper.
achristmas 2010 107
Jess was as good as gold and spent most of her time watching Evie.
achristmas 2010 228
Isn’t it funny that boxes always taste so nice…..
achristmas 2010 230
And wrapping paper is just designed for dressing up in….
achristmas 2010 240
achristmas 2010 300
I love my new Car Walker….It makes so much noise.
achristmas 2010 306
And after a hard day opening presents, I like to relax in a bubble bath
achristmas 2010 364
And to finish off our beautiful cat Harry, who really missed us when we were away.
achristmas 2010 506
I think my photos are getting better thanks to lots of tips from Sally. I’m certainly enjoying taking them.
I must admit I missed spending Christmas with Pete,  mum, dad and little sis this year but I was with them in spirit. Baileys actually
Don’t forget. If you enjoy photographs but would like to take better photos, watch out for Sally's Photographic Classes coming to Scrapbook Sisters very soon.
Happy Holidays everyone and thank you to my family for a wonderful Christmas. xxx


gayle said...

Julie beautiful photos. I love the bath one - those beautiful big eyes!! Glad you had a great time. xx

Jeannie said...

Oh what a sweetie she is!!! Lovely photos Julie!