Monday, 6 February 2017

Always Follow Your Heart

I made a mixed media layout for Scrapping Your Family last Saturday (you can see the original class layout in a few days time, by clicking the button on your right) and decided to take it a bit further.

When I'm designing any mixed media layout for a class I often make a dummy or prep piece to see roughly what the finished layout will look like and time the process to make sure it can be done within the time. This class I decided to use paper napkins. I have a huge stash of these and I have been collecting them for years.

I loved the prep work so much that when I got home I added it to the original layout to make a more complete picture.

Here is the finished piece
You can see that I have not stuck it down completely s I may add some pockets to the left for additional photos and journaling.
But I love it. xxx

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