Thursday, 26 January 2017

I've decided to take part in challenges......

A little while ago I joined the Maremi's Creative Cafe Group on Facebook. It was started by Marta Lapkowska and is a great friendly and positive place to share art. Even though it has only been going for a few weeks, there are now over 3500 members and growing daily.

Marta stared a challenge #52 Cafe cards and I thought I'd share the first four that I have made. Based on the alphabet the first four are:

A for ART
B for Bubbles
C for Coffee
D for Dragonfly

Here are all four pinned to my easel
And individually 
(love the little characters in the bubbles)
So the first three looked like this
and then this is the latest one
Can't wait for the next one. Wonder what "E" will bring lol. xx

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