Friday, 8 April 2016

Looking Back - Using Ephemera

The new Google Photo App has made me realise just how many projects I have made over the last 10 years so I've pulled a few off and I will share some with a bit of background between new projects this year.

I remember doing a series of Three projects in three seperate classes. The idea was to allow people to try using different media and styles and to get them to think outside their own comfort zone. For some reason I can only find two pictures so if anyone out there has a picture of the third project please let me know.

Project One: Paper Lace

Made using a chipboard base and built up in layers, the project included watercolouring, heat embossing, stamping, punch art, and using feathers.

Project Two: Paris

Again made using chipboard boards, stamped images, ephemera, diecuts, stencils and distressing.

Difficult to photograph (I would have got much better images now) so hard to say how detailed they were but each one took three hours so a fair bit of work involved.

Thanks for taking the time to pop by xx

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