Monday, 31 August 2015

Ladies That Craft Garden Party 2015

Yes despite the threat of rain on Saturday I went ahead with our annual Garden Party. 

The sky's were blue and the sun came out as myself, Karen and Mum started getting the garden ready and making the scrummy goodies for the table. We washed, prepared and put together loads of different thing to eat (and had a few "tasters" along the way lol.

At noon, Maria arrived and took over for me, putting all of the food on the cake stands and preparing everything for the champagne and strawberry drinks while I ran to shower and get ready.

And then everyone started to arrive and the sun was still shining but we could feel tiny spots of rain. Never mind, we're big girls so we carried on. Everyone dug into French bread with pate, cheese and ham, salad, chutney, pickle and grapes followed by rich chocolate mousse, mini trifles, chocolate cake, shortbread cream fancies and so much more (I always overdo the amount of food lol)
And then the heavens opened and we all ran for cover. The sun came out again later and we managed to get these photos (and loads more which I will share over the coming days)

And one of my favourite photos taken by Karen, is this one of me and mum in the kitchen working away.
Thank you to everyone who helped and to all of you lovely ladies who came along.
We raised £150 for Dads home. The money will go to the outing fund and pay for days out and of course, their much loved fish and chips.
More tomorrow xxx


Maria said...

Brilliant afternoon xx

Marion said...

It looked lovely. Well done Julie. xx

Marilyn said...

Had a great time as usual. The catering standards were excellent, and the company top notch Ladies. Well done everyone. Xx