Friday, 7 November 2014

A Circle of Buttons

Once I got into the circles theme I thought a second circle layout would be good, so rather than the bright colours of Autumn I decided to use the beautiful Blue cardstock which jumped out at me from my paper stash.
Layout Two
The blanket stitch around the circle was challenging mainly because I completely forgot how to start it off in class and had to sit in a chair quietly for a few minutes to get my mind around it. Got it in the end though
And another thing that totally escaped me was that I used a circle of button especially for Sue who I completely forgot, was not coming to class (hope you’re well soon xx)
Oh well the thought was there and I really enjoyed the sewing.
I’ll upload the Mini Book tomorrow if I can and for those of you who came to class, I should have the instructions in the online classroom very soon.
Have a great weekend xxx

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Wendy H said...

I love the embellishments and the blanket stitch detail. A beautiful way to remember a wonderful trip. Venice is on my bucket list!! X