Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Can’t believe I missed these

I’ve been sorting out all of the cards I made for card class in 2013 and found these two which I don’t think I shared.
These two were really easy but two of my favourites.
The tree is still up because I can’t bear to take it down just yet. It makes the room look so warm and cosy. I’ll tackle it on Saturday.
The boys have had a great day too. No not the human ones but these two.
H will definitely miss the tree.
and T hates the rain so has spent all day sprawled on the settee. Think I’ll come back as a cat.
Just made up the last of the kits (only 2 left) and embellishment bundles (only 4 left). Thank you to everyone who ordered. The last of the kits goes out tomorrow morning so watch out for the postie.
Oh well time to pack away and get the new bits out. I’ve got four cards to make for next weeks class. Looking forward to seeing everyone again xx

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