Monday, 14 March 2016

Video Tutorial -Loads of photos

Because I make many, many scrapbook layouts, I often print off far more photos than I can possibly use plus I have an app on my phone which allows me 45 free photo prints per month. Well you can imagine......

So loads of photos but I never look at them because thay are in a box or drawer. What to do, well I found these great spiral bound books in Hobbycraft and it gave me an idea.
Of course doodling is the in thing right now as is colouring so what better way to decorate than doodling with a white pen
You can see a short video below showing you the process and my attempts so far. Remember, I only spend a few minutes at a time on this. It is my fill in, my time to think, my planning escape where I can endlessly doodle and come up with new ideas for classes.
My Photo Book 11.3.16 from Ladies That Craft on Vimeo.
Hobbycraft also sell 12 x 12 albums like this as well so well worth a trip. Hope you enjoy the video and see you all soon xx


Lesley Downey said...

Great book Julie, I already have one of those books! And lots of photos, another project I think.xx

Lea Brawn said...

Fabulous creation x