Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Texture Paste Tutorial

I’ve become addicted to texture paste and I have loads of different ones which I use often however there is one in particular which I find myself using more than most and that is the basic light and smooth paste for stencils.
I came across the recipe on Pinterest and had a go and boy does it work well. So for those of you who also love raised work on your layouts here is the step by step tutorial with photos of course.
You will need:
1/4 cup talcum powder
1 tablespoon PVA Glue
1 tablespoon White paint (I find a chalk paint is best)
a little bit of water
Take a small container, measure out and add the talcum powder and the glue and start to mix with an old spoon or skewer.
Now add the white paint and continue to mix. You should now have clumps of paste.
Add water a teaspoon at a time and continue to mix until the paste resembles toothpaste.
Place mixture in an airtight container and use as required.
To date my first batch has lasted 2 1/2 months and counting.
You can add chalk paint to colour the paste but don’t make it too runny as it will seep below your stencil.
To make larger amounts just double/treble ingredients. If you keep the ratio the same you will always get the same results.
Enjoy playing with this one. I am. xx


Barbara said...

Thanks for the recipe.Something I will certainly try! x

Lisapmac said...

Great idea, must try this :-)

Cal Shrive said...

Thank you for your tutorial, I have never bought any textured paste before but always wanted to try it as it looks soooo much fun!!
I am going to try and make your recipe because I have plenty of stencils to use the paste with. Thank you again.