Wednesday, 21 August 2013


If you’re looking to go away for a long weekend then a place to consider is Beamish the living museum of the North. On my recent trip I spent the day there with family and we had a fantastic time.

There are trams, old busses, all working and free to ride on from place to place (all included in the entrance ticket price), old houses to explore including an old dentists, a piano teachers house, and then loads of shops such as the corner sweetie shop where you can buy wonderful sweets and chocolates.

Here are a few of the photos I took on the day.


A picnic in the little park around the bandstand.


I know a few people who would murder to get hold of just one of these printer trays. They had loads and loads on display. Scrummy.


The Living Room


The Dentist


The old fashioned merry go round.


The High Street


The School


What I liked about it was that the people dressed up in clothes appropriate for the times and were all happy to tell the stories of the day. The Grandchildren loved it.

Well worth a visit. xx

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