Sunday, 22 January 2012

Love that Terminology Tissue Wrap

This is the first time I have used it in classes and it is a fantastic product. Combine it with Glue N Seal and it is amazing.

It comes by the roll and tears really easily to make the strips that we needed to cover frames. The Glue n seal was not too sticky so we had time to play around a bit before it dried and the this I liked the most was that the tissue will take on the colour you lay it onto so in this case I used an undercoat of white matt acrylic but you could use any colour and get a great effect.

The added bonus is that even when wet the tissue still holds together well and does not fall apart like normal tissue would. A thin layer of the Glue n Seal over the top and voila!!! ready to embellish and hang on your wall.

This is the finished project.


You can see how good the tissue looks in this next photo


Have made another one of these in different colours which I will share later in the year. You can see more photos of the project and the class HERE.

Thanks for looking xx

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