Sunday, 26 June 2011

I’ve been playing again

and this time it was for the yesterdays Tim Holtz Class. I am slowly being influenced by Steam Punk and all of the wonderful things it entails. Although this piece is not strictly Steam Punk, it is almost there however I didn’t want to frighten anyone off before the class started so I toned it down a bit.

I do love the way it turned out and I still have some great ideas for the up and coming Tim Holtz Product Days (check out the website if you want to book a place on our October Class).






One thin g I always try to make everyone understand, is that anyone can do this. The hardest thing is letting go and thinking outside of your normal crafting restraints. It sounds scary but it’s really not and the results from all of these classes show just how great your projects can be. Ask the ladies who have made their own beautiful creations.

Thanks for stopping by xx

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Sue said...

absolutely loved this project Julie, many thanks for another lovely class...........Sue.x