Sunday, 8 August 2010

One of my favourites

Sometimes you see something and it really makes you want to do something different. About 2 months ago Karen ordered some stamps into the shop. Unfortunately I missed out on buying the one I wanted, they went so quickly, however I did remember one of them.

After being let down on some papers for our fortnightly classes, we decided to make a selection of seaside layouts using cardstock and one piece of paper. This is where my memory came in handy. I drew a picture of a lady disappearing into the sea, enlarged it and then used the pattern for paper piecing. Here is the end result.

006 It was great fun to do and it is certainly something I will do again. I still can’t find the other two layouts I made at the same time. No doubt they will surface at some point and I will share them with you.

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Sue Upson said...

This was a great class - it's a really fun layout, mine is nearly finished (honest!)